THE BIG SCORE – Ellis bases a film on an album based on an another film

ELLIS - The Baltimore City Paper

By Al Shipley


Six days before the release of his new album, Baltimore rapper Ellis is in engineer Jesse Magloire’s basement studio, Ole No. 7 Productions, in Towson, still putting final touches on the mix. Ellis Marcus Hopkins Jr. sits with a can of Heineken in his hand while Magloire sips from a glass of whiskey and cues up tracks, listening and making adjustments, finishing up the arduous process they’ve been at for months. “I want it to sound perfect through your iPhone, I want it to sound perfect in your car. It has to sound great. It’s gotta sound perfect everywhere,” Hopkins says, recounting how he’s continued playing mixes of the album on every kind of stereo and device, finding flaws and fixing them.

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